Head Trash

One of the most fascinating things is how we all end up dealing with Head Trash.  You know, the messages you tell yourself that often seem to tell you that things won’t go well for you.  Perhaps the messages say that you shouldn’t take any risks because you will probably lose.

Do you have anything like that going on in your head?

Sometimes we call them tapes.  The messages that we replay over an over again.

If only I had said….something I wasn’t quick enough to think of at the time.

If only I hadn’t wasted the time on that project because I could have done so much better on the other project I neglected.

If only I hadn’t bought … or sold that stock that was a sure bet….

We all have COULD-A, SHOULD-A and WOULD-A experiences in our life.  Often the messages we play in our head happen without any thought from us.  They’re a little like an automatic pilot of our thoughts.

Have you ever stopped to listen to the messages and see where they came from?

If you have a moment, check your Head Trash messages and let me know about them in the comments.  I’ll follow up with some other thoughts next time.

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